Woody’s All Natural

Woody’s All Natural Burgers is located in beautiful Cornwall, NY. This organic quality “burger joint” developed in 2007 is an adaptive reuse from a single-family residence with a tailor shop as a home profession. Local grass fed meats and locally farmed foods for a farm to table type offering. Everything made fresh to order. Ketchup and sauces were minimized so as not to mask the as the quality of the food as done in other burger restaurants. High quality organic food being the primary thrust of the business.  

Project: Woody’s All Natural

Minuta Architecture assisted the client through local municipal process of planning and zoning board approvals, construction documents and building permits.
Site plan features: off street parking, wayfinding, walkable community, bicycle racks, outdoor deck and vegetative landscape screening. Municipal services for water, sewer and trash disposal enclosure matched with the daily trash to be generated.
Bond estimates were created to municipal bond requirements that illustrated each component on the site to be constructed and provided an overall cost to construct a completed the project.
The existing building area was increased and restructured to meet structural requirements for the use. Since the property was a change of use the current building code was used to meet current compliances required for this project. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire suppression, life safety wayfinding and egress were addressed designed and implemented.
The architectural program began by identifying the client’s desires and documenting the existing building and site constraints and offerings. Adapting the architectural functional program to the existing building layout. Maintaining the charm of the original building details such as interior stair and handrails, exterior siding and window fenestration while making the budget affordable. Interior and exterior colors were selected based on food industry preferences and in keeping with historic colors of the community fabric.
Interior features: Two indoor and one outdoor dining area, commercial galley style kitchen, walk-in refrigeration, restrooms, offices on second floor.
It is generally understood in the design community that most of the world is built.  This project is a prime example of how Minuta Architecture’s services and procedures assist our clients in repurposing the inertia of existing buildings and previously developed sites, labor and materials. Further, is a responsible way to preserve resources, remove hazardous materials and preserve our environment to attain such benefit for our clients and the communities they serve.
We are happy to report that in a world where restaurants have a high failure rate – Woody’s still exists as of this publication

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